Recruitment for CoastGuard Officers

So, what would you be letting yourself in for? You would be given specialist training in cliff rescue, mud rescue, search methods and flood relief depending on the needs of your local area. As a member of a Coastguard Rescue Team, you might also play an important part in educating children and adults on sea safety and how they can contact the correct emergency services when they are required.

The role can be physically and emotionally demanding if you are engaged on long rescue operations and you may encounter distressing scenes in the course of the team’s emergency response work. Members of your local Coastguard Rescue Teams come from your coastal community or nearby, and volunteer their time and skills depending on their availability. When you join, you become part of a highly respected emergency response organisation which deals with thousands of incidents nationwide each year. Coastguard Rescue Officers come from all walks of life and their ages range between 16-65 and suitable candidates are required to meet the health standards necessary for the work of a search and rescue team.